"Hello. I'm Barry Strasbourg-Thompson BFA. Welcome to our online art studio and classroom.

We offer hands on art training that leads students to a voice of their own. We teach the visual language, basic design and the use of  art tools and art materials.

I believe in giving back what I have been fortunate to receive. So I teach what I know. I'm here for you if you want to learn about how to make Art , advance your art practice or just enjoy viewing it or enjoy collecting art.

Why do I create Art and teach that Art is my Refuge?   ( my peace of mind and relaxation)

When I was young, life was difficult, and further complicated by a childhood head injury. I felt lonely. I had no voice of my own until I found that I liked making things, painting model airplanes, making paintings, expressing my emotions in artwork, talking with other kids about making things and making art. I had fun. I felt happy when I did this. Wow! What a way to have fun and feel better. Make things. Make Art.

When I was 8, Budge Crawley, founder of Crawley Films of Ottawa came to our school and picked 6 of us to be in his NFB film "Mural Making". I loved it.  Every week I went to the film studio and painted with the other students. We became friends. AND I GOT PAID FOR IT! Wow! Painting. Friends. And money! What fun. What a joy. I felt happier doing this "Art" thing.

Later in life when my health deteriorated, I could no longer work at a job. A friend said " Do what you love" and I discovered I could feel better by making Art and being around and focusing on the business of Art. I made Art and made myself feel better.

What a blessing. I make lemonade out of life's lemons. Yes, Art is my friend. Art is my REFUGE. Art provides me with a feeling of being content, happy and joyful about who I am. Art improves my health. Art provides a way to increase my income. Art gives me a way to be happy in the moment.

I make Art about my daily experiences and lessons, a journal if you like..........

I share these artworks with friends, students and collectors in person and online.

I teach how Art gives me that happy joyous feeling. 

I went back to university and studied Visual Art at the University of Ottawa (Canada). Part of my 4th year Visual Art studies was a placement at a Veterans Health Centre where I was tasked with helping war vets with various forms of dementia. There were some similarities between dementia and my head injury so I took what I knew about my own recovery through Art, developed an Art program from it and taught it to the veteran's Art class. It worked!!!  Art became their REFUGE, their friend. They found happiness and peace in Art making. I found out how to teach Art  that improves one's life.

Art continues to be my friend, my income, my REFUGE after all these years. Many teachers helped me get what I wanted, Now its my turn to help you get what you want. Whether you want to make Art or just enjoy it, I'm here for you and to teach you how. If you wish to join me on this great adventure to your highest Self,  fill out the subscription form on the
HOME page and we'll get started. 


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